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Sessions take place fully-clothed, on a massage couch or chair as is comfortable. 

Loose comfortable clothing is best.

It's helpful to bring socks if wearing bare feet, but not essential. 

Sessions are 1 hour long.

It works well to leave 1 hour and 15 minutes where possible, to allow a little time following a session.

During the session, the practitioner will make light contact with the head, feet, base of the spine, or other areas. Because they're working with the body as a whole, they may also work from areas other than where your primary symptoms are. 

After a session, many people feel very relaxed, or calm, and sleep is often deeper following a treatment. Sometimes there is a short adjustment period, where people can feel more aware of symptoms than before. This is normal, and will ease.

It's useful to take five or ten minutes following a session to do something gentle as the body settles and readjusts, perhaps a short walk or a brief pause in the car, before resuming the normal pace of life.  


Adults and children: £45.00 

Course of 3 sessions: £114.00 (£38/session)

Mothers with babies under 12 months:  by donation

Parent carers of children with additional needs: by donation

Card payment is available. 

*Please note that cancellations without 24 hours notice may be subject to a cancellation fee, except for Covid cancellations which are free. This is to cover costs for room booking, travel, and lost appointment time if a slot can't be filled at short notice. 

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You may be contacted prior to your appointment to check you are not experiencing Covid symptoms, or are in self-isolation or quarantine. Please confirm this by text. 

You may also be asked to fill in a brief form, confirming you have read the precautions Zee and the clinic are taking to minimise Covid transmission, agreeing to treatment, and for your details to be used to contact you for Test and Trace purposes, if needed. 

Please arrive no more than 5 minutes before your appointment time, to minimise time in the waiting area. 

Please use hand sanitiser on arrival, and wait in the waiting area until you're collected. Do follow current guidance on wearing a mask in the building. 

Depending on current government guidelines and local conditions, clients may be asked to wear a mask during treatment. Don't worry if you forget, there are spares available. 

All areas of the clinic are cleaned fully daily. The room is ventilated with fresh air for extra time between clients, and all surfaces and contact points cleaned between clients. All couch coverings are changed, and practitioner clothes are also changed between each client. 

Zee will wear a mask, as required by her professional membership of the Craniosacral Therapy Association, and insurance company, and in addition a visor when working near the head.  

Zee has been fully vaccinated for Covid.

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